March 12 Devotion

Dear Friends, 


Thursday Evening I received my second Covid-19 vaccine dose.  It was a full night at the former Gordman’s building.  Essentia, Sanford and Cass County were engaged in getting the vaccines that last inch into people’s arms.  Lines were much longer than the evening I went for my first shot.  Still, I didn’t hear complaining.  Along my way I wished various medical personnel well and mentioned the busy day.  They were celebrating the busy day because it meant the vaccine was reaching people.  I struck up a conversation with the person next to me in line–who reminded me of Ardis.  She was so grateful to be getting her second shot.  She had three siblings/siblings-in-law that had been diagnosed with Covid-19.  One didn’t recover, died without family near as she had to be flown from Bismarck to one of the hospitals in the Twin Cities.  I shared I lost a friend to Covid-19 just after Easter 2020.  I didn’t share about the week one of our church families prepared for a funeral and two other family members died of Covid-19.  I can’t speak for everyone in the former Gordman’s building.  But, I can say the two of us who were talking were very grateful to be getting our second dose of the vaccine.  I can also add I heard lots of people thanking the medical staff profusely.  It felt like it was an entire building filled with gratitude–and hope.
Sunday, March 14th our worship service theme is “Turn to God’s Healing Love.”  It’s based on Numbers 21:4-9 and John 3:14-21.  One speaks of a snake on a stick, the other speaks of the cross and we’ll sort through that Sunday.  Suffice it to say, both Scriptures invite us to “turn back” to the God at the center of our shared life who longs to heal us.  Both invite us to “look up” to God and how God longs to give us new life.
What has helped you “look up” toward better days?  When have you felt hope lately?  Celebrate those things.  How might you encourage others to trust God seeks to heal and uplift?
May the Lord bless you,