January 21 Devotion

This week a little something different (and brief) for our weekly devotional in a time of what may be informational and emotional overload.  So, I simply share with you an inauguration day reflection and prayer, followed by Psalm 62:5.    
Inauguration Day 2021
Today, I remember
my Dad making me breakfast,
baking holiday treats in the kitchen with my Mom,
sledding with my children,
holding hands with my wife in the moonlight.
Today, I remember
tears at my grandma’s funeral,
where I was when the towers fell,
the right words at the right time from a friend,
waiting for a loved one to awake after surgery.
Today, I hope
we remember each person has memories & hopes;
each life is a treasure-trove of experiences;
where we find common-ground we find peace;
that mutual respect is a priceless gift.
Today, I pray,
May we allow change to:
usher in a new spirit in our nation,
foster a new appreciation for one another,
to open our hearts to care for all in our human family.
“All people, Trust in God at all times! Pour out your hearts before the Lord! God is our refuge” (Psalm 62:5).
Pastor Roger