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     In today’s 24/7 wired world we are reminded of all that is beyond our control. We see the faces of human need so often it is common for people to feel overwhelmed. The world can seem a complex, uncaring place.


     At Grace Church we believe there are two things within our control. 1) We can choose to make space for God in our lives—seeking the healing, strength, and grace to live each day well. 2) We can choose to help others along life’s journey. At Grace you’ll find we are part of a world-wide, we won’t stop until it’s done, effort to eradicate malaria in Africa. Immediately following the tornado in Moore, Oklahoma we were sending gifts to be used by the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) as part of rebuilding of lives there for the next few years. We fill flood clean up buckets that UMCOR hand delivers in places where floodwaters rise. For many a flood bucket is the first sign of hope that someone cares and life will be normal again. Then, too, Grace shares locally in a soft and gentle ministry through hand-fashioned quilts and prayer shawls given to others in need. Grace also has a growing children’s ministry that seeks pass on the values of a faith-filled life in a caring setting. The list goes on.


     In his book “The Firmament of Time” Loren Eisley told of seeing a boy walking along the seashore tossing starfish stranded on the sand back into the sea. Loren pointed out to the boy there were so many starfish he could not help them all. The boy responded that he made a difference to one starfish at a time.


     Grace UM Church has a vision: “Together we learn to live and love like Jesus.” All are welcome to choose to make space for God in their lives. All have to opportunity to be a blessing in the life of someone else. When God makes a difference in your life God makes a difference in the lives of those closest to you and people you won’t know ‘til you meet in heaven.


     Try Grace. Let God make a difference in your life.


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