Our Mission

      LikeJesus2   At Grace UMC - Moorhead we strive to be a community where all are learning to live and love like Jesus.  It seems to us learning to live and love like Jesus is what a faithful life is about.  Somedays we get it right.  Somedays we're a little off the mark--and that is where Grace steps in.  A loving, forgiving God patiently leads us on the journey every new day.


What does living and loving like Jesus look like?  Here are a few examples:


When choir finishes practicing the group pauses to share their celebrations and their concerns of the week with each other and they pray together.


A prayer shawl ministry gathers to knit together and to hold those they know with special needs in prayer.  As shawls are completed they are given as gifts and signs to others that they are being thought of warmly and with the hope they'll feel God's love embrace them.


Quilters gather on Mondays to make quilts not only for fundraising but for giving away to those who are in transitional living situations.


Another group gathers to make donuts and sell them--with all the procedes going toward "First Mile Mission Giving." 


Cards of care are sent, books on faithful living are studied, God is worshiped at 10 AM every Sunday morning where joys and concerns are shared, and a message relevant to everyday living is shared.  The children are taught Bible stories, songs, how to pray, and that God loves them. 


Basically, Grace UMC strives to live as Jesus would and to equip it's people to think, live and love like Jesus would 7 days a week.  Jesus-like living isn't an easy task.  So, God-willing, every time we gather we hope it provides strength for the journey:  and a sense of welcome for all who share the desire to learn about Jesus' ways and apply them to life. 

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