Church History

History of Our Church

Grace United Methodist Church - Moorhead, founded in 1878, has a rich history.


The city of Moorhead was platted in 1871 because the railroad had plans to cross the Red River at this location.  Fargo also came into being at the same time.  Soon thereafter a United Methodist Church (at that time actually a Methodist Episcopal Church) was formed.  Sunday school classes began with 45 enrolled.  By 1881 the enrollment was 60.  A framed structure was constructed facing 2nd Ave. on 4th St.  It was replaced in 1922 by a brick structure.  The Moorhead Daily News reported, "The cornerstone of this beautiful new Methodist Episcopal church will be laid on August 13th at 4 PM.  The new facility cost $30,000.  The name of the congregation was changed to Grace Methodist in 1939.  As was the case with many churches at the time, the building was uot heated during the week.  And, the men who cut wood fired up the furnace on Saturday night.  Railroad ties, green wood, some lumber and coal warmed the church.  A new furnace was purchased in 1946.  On June 3, 1945 the church retired it's debt and burned the mortgage.  In May 1953 Diamond Jubilee plans were to finish the basement, refinish the kitchen, and pay off the loan for these projects--as well as to grow to 250 active members.  


     Instead a new chapter began in the life of Grace Methodist at the churches present location.  In September 1961 the east portion of the present church was completed and consecrated at a cost of $200,000.  (It served as fellowship hall and sanctuary until the present sanctuary was added in 1979).  The original cross remains on the wall of the fellowship hall where the chancel area was before the new addition.  During the midst of these transitions Grace Methodist become Grace United Methodist Church as the Methodists and the Evangelical United Bretheren merged in 1968.  In 2011 Grace United Methodist Church completed a new parsonage project.  Then, too, in 2012 two new stained-glass pieces were added to the front of the sanctuary.  The first depicts Jesus with the children and is based on the Scripture where Jesus says, "Let the children come unto me."  The second is based on the book of Ruth, depicting Ruth and Naomi, the promise of a plentiful wheat harvest and the movement of the Holy Spirit while quoting Ruth's powerful words to Naomi, "Where you go, I will go."  


     As Grace looks toward the future the themes of the stained glass speak volumes.  We are commissioned to make space for children of all ages, nations and races to come to Jesus.  And, we are called to go whereever God leads, remembering wherever we go, God also goes with us.      


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