Significance of a Song

St. Augustine is credited with the saying, “When you sing, you pray twice.”

Singing is such a powerful tool for us to communicate and express the emotion on our hearts.  That emotion can range from joy,  to sadness, to frustration, to praise and adoration.  In our United Methodist heritage, it’s also how we have taught and learned key elements of our faith. Charles Wesley paid special attention to the words and phrases he was using to focus on the Trinitarian nature of God.

Because of that strong background of music in our history, and the impact it has on our worship, we are utilizing a Hymn Sing in our September 5th worship service. This will be an opportunity for us to bear with one another in song and experience our voices lifting to our favorite hymns. I’m attaching with this John Wesley’s rules for singing. Take them as you will, I find them encouraging and thought provoking.

Start warming up those vocal cords!