Practice Makes Perfect

Practice makes perfect. I’m sure we’ve all heard that at one time or another in various activities in our lives. For me, I couldn’t stand practice! I didn’t want to go through fundamentals or drills, I just wanted to play whatever game I was involved in. But without practice, I couldn’t possibly know how to actually play the game, or play it well for that matter.

The same goes for our faith. While technically we are “in the game” no matter what we do, it takes intentional practice to live out our faith well. Let me make a confession, I’m not always great at practicing in my spiritual journey. The fundamentals are sometimes repetitious, the drills are arduous, and the conditioning can be downright exhausting and frustrating. My biggest encouragement for continuing these practices is the fact that it was modeled by Jesus. Time and time again Jesus would leave on His own for retreat, prayer, worship, and fasting.

Perhaps you’re in a place where you have developed good spiritual practices. Maybe you’ve never done some without even trying. The good news is there is time to start!

My encouragement today is to try a new practice. Maybe you want to try fasting for the first time (it doesn’t have to necessarily be from food), or take time for solitude and silence or praying through the scriptures.

For more info on spiritual disciplines, or Wesleyan Means of Grace, check out the website below: