April 8 Devotion

     Yesterday I stopped by the Law Enforcement Center.  Like many other places, it’s following COVID-19 protocols.  There are signs for the general public about the process to even get into the building.  As one of the Moorhead Police Department chaplains I’d been thinking about how to stay connected with the officers while social-distancing.  Thankfully, Google led me to an article that gave me a clue.  Front line people are using hand sanitizer more than ever, (and I know many officers were using it pre-COVID-19).  Increased use means hands become drier and more cracked then ever.  The article suggested that for medical personnel, police officers, and first responders, hand lotion makes a good gift.  So, I stopped by with 20 small hand lotions conveniently sized for squad cars.  No doubt, their hands are parched.  And, no doubt they’re also aware that the fact they cannot shelter in place puts them at risk.  That knowledge can leave people emotionally parched.  If you know such a person, consider gifting hand-lotion, or Googling other options.  Sometimes the smallest things can help others during “parched” times.
     Yesterday, in a video      devotion http://www.graceumcmoorhead.org/2020/04/08/april-7/                    I shared from Isaiah 43:19–a verse that ends, “I will make a way in wilderness and rivers in the desert.”  That’s a scripture about moisture in parched times.  Consider how you might help another who may be feeling parched today–even from a distance.  Look back upon a parched time in your own life; give thanks for the person or the way God used to refresh your parched soul.
     Finally, I have a prayer request that is a follow-up to a devotion two weeks ago.  I ask prayer for Carol, Micah and Craig.  Pastor Craig Breimhorst is the retired colleague I mentioned two weeks ago who contracted COVID-19.  He’s been on a ventilator 11 days, and still is.  He has a long road to recovery.  His wife Carol and son Micah request prayers that he wake up TODAY, so he can progress to having the ventilator removed.  Please hold them in your prayers.  Thank you.
Blessings, Pastor Roger