December 27

“O Lord, our Lord, how majestic is your name throughout the earth.”  If the Christmas manger-moment has one lasting message for us every single day of our lives, it has to be that God’s glory and majesty often hides in plain sight.  In fact, God’s wondrous presence isn’t seeking to hide.  It remains hidden when we neglect to be attentive.  Because of Christmas a feed-trough was transformed into a manger–a cradle for an infant Christ.  Because of Christmas a peasant girl was transformed into the royal mother of a king.  Because of Christmas mere shepherds became Pulitzer-Prize level reporters on the one moment that would transform our world.  Because of Christmas an ordinary carpenter became the metaphorical general in charge of guarding God’s child.  Shortly after the visit of the wise ones, he’d strategically saved Jesus and Mary from all of Herod’s soldiers by leading a wise retreat to Egypt.  The Christmas message starts with seeing God at work in the most ordinary of places and people.


Wherever life finds you today, whoever you are with, God is there.  Wherever life finds you tomorrow, whoever you are with, God is there.  Every day you and I are called to be part of God’s saving grace:  and it begins with asking God to help us see the holy purpose and plan in seemingly ordinary moments and people.  Today, if you’re married, take a moment to be amazed with your spouse.  Think of all he or she has overcome, and all the blessings he or she has shared.  If you’re single or widowed, choose a friend whose life inspires you.  Let gratitude for that person fill your heart.  If neither of these fits, choose a child, or a parent, or even a moment in life that was a blessing.  Thank God for everyday holiness that has touched your life–that is all too easy to forget.  Then, pray God might use you to bring a glimmer of divine glory and beauty into the world today.  Remember and trust that even what seems like a small faithful act may have lasting results you never dreamed of.


“O Lord, our Lord, how majestic is your name throughout the earth!” (Psalm 8:1)

Pastor Roger