November 26

I never knew how blessed it would feel to be a grandparent.

I thank God, each day, for the privilege.
Wrapped up in the “thank you” is a recognition:
being a parent when my kids were small was more of a blessing than I knew at the time;
getting married was more of a blessing than I knew 33 years ago;
growing up in a small town without ever once worrying about a school shooting
four and five decades ago was more blessing than I realized at the time;
the parents I had, and still fortunately have, again more of a blessing than I knew.
The list goes on and on of blessings that were more than I knew at the time.
The list reminds me of blessings I need to  focus on right now.
Each person with different opinions than me, who I may never agree with,
has a unique life-story underneath opinions that I can learn from,
that can allow me to see life through a myriad of different lenses.
Each kind action is worth dwelling on–as a whisper of hope,
and reminder of who we are called to be and what is meant to us apart
as humans with the freedom to choose self-sacrifice or selfishness.
Each song is the melody of the human soul–a miracle that rises beyond
the mystery of a lifetime of heartbeats, given by a power beyond ours.
Each moment that has even a hint of good in it is a gift than did not need to be.
I expect there’ll come a day, in the great beyond, when each of us will say,
“Earthly life was more of a privilege than we ever knew at a the time.”
Still, it is worth dwelling on the good for a moment and saying,
“Gracious God, Thank you for the privilege.” 
Happy Thanksgiving,
Pastor Roger