November 22

Thursday November 21st was the culmination of hearings that will probably lead to the drafting of articles of impeachment. Occasionally, during the day I’d catch a few minutes of the hearings.  Even from a 1,000+ miles away I could feel the tension in the room.   Also, there Seemed to be more talking than listening going on.  Add to that, carrying prayer concerns for people I care about, and by day’s end I was feeling a bit stressed.  Moreover, it was a bit cold outside when I headed to the Lydia circle meeting.  But, that meeting was the perfect place to be. 
I wish everyone reading this could have been there for the devotion time.  The devotional reflections focused on Peace.  We heard children’s descriptions of what peace would feel like and look like, of how peace would taste and sound.  We pondered adult thoughts on peace, and shared in a couple of prayers for peace.  It felt like perfect timing for my soul–and I expect it did for most of those gathered.  (Thank you Wanda for the theme and thoughts).
Sometimes it seems God just steps in with exactly the words, or thoughts, or people we need to for the moment.  It’s a reminder not only that God is always at work for good, it’s a reminder that at any given moment God might be inspiring any one of us to share prayerful words that will bless others.
When is the last time God brought you peace through another’s timely words?  When is the last time you brought peace to another through your presence?  Truth is, sometimes people don’t tell us immediately when we’ve helped them on their journeys.  So, my guess is that each of us have encouraged others without even knowing it.  Two final questions:  What brings you peace?  How might you share what brings you peace with someone else this week?
Sunday we’ll be celebrating the 150th Anniversary of the United Methodist Women.  Over the last 150 years all across the world United Methodist Women have been sharing blessings and working for peace.  I invite you come and listen to stories of caring that will warm your heart and bring you a bit of peace to start off the new week.  10 AM Sunday.  Hope to see you there.
Pastor Roger