October 23

     As I was creating a slide for last Sunday’s message:  I was using a brass compass and I was also pondering a term that seemed to be popping up repeatedly last week–Truth North.  Just days earlier, the True North term popped up in a workshop I attended.  Then I heard it again during the interview of a retired Admiral who whose book “Sailing True North” just came out.  (Thanks to the Youth Sunday School class and their teacher who gave me the book as a gift.  They purchased it after their Sunday School class scavenger hunt at Barnes and Noble.  So kind of them).  So, during Sunday’s message I reflected on Jesus’ True North commandment–Love God and Love Neighbor.  That greatest commandment is meant to help us stay the course.

     Later in the day, I also found myself thinking of my own “True North Scripture.”  It seemed God was whispering, “it’s time to get creative Roger.”  The image above is the compass I used Sunday for the PowerPoint slide and for children’s moments; the brass ship’s wheel has been on my home desk for ages; and the wood is a cheese cutting board with the handle cut off and fastened upright on the board to hold the wheel.  Now, burned into the re-purposed cheeseboard, is my True North:  Micah 6:8 —  

He has showed you, O mortal, what is good;  and what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?           (Revised Standard Version)
     This upcoming Sunday is Reformation Sunday–the Sunday that commemorates many things including the beginning of an age when people were able to afford a family Bible because of the printing press and read it because of rapidly increasing literacy.  For the first time in history, ordinary people could open the Scriptures for themselves, (no Priest speaking Latin needed).  Ever since, many of us have found favorite verses that speak to us as we read our Bibles.  What is your True North passage?  How do you celebrate it?  How do you live it?  How do you share it?  Today, I invite you to open your Bible to your favorite Scripture verse, or google the passage with your phone.  Take a moment to re-read your True North Scripture.  Thank God for the way it speaks to your heart.  Ponder a new way you might keep that passage in your daily thoughts.
 Pastor Roger