September 20

This evening I had the opportunity to stop by the hospital to have a prayer with Scott and Lisa Gedrose–who are welcoming Casey James into this world.  Casey is a nice-sized baby but is in the NICU.  Please keep him in prayers.  It was my privilege to walk with Scott and his five other kids as they made their way through the hospital to visit Casey and their Mom.  They were adorable.  “Look, it’s the church guy,” one said.  When the got to the NICU they each happily washed their hands, and started whispering.  Two of them showed me how high they could jump.  When it was time to visit Casey the oldest two boys said, “let the youngest go in first” (chivalry at its best is alive!).  Eventually, every sibling had a chance to see, touch and say “hi” to their new brother.  Then, one of the littlest said the most wonderful thing.  “He’s so cute” (followed by the perfect pause)… “I’m gonna cry!”
     Yes! That is the perfect response to new life!  A wise child–who at that moment knew exactly what’s important.  
     This upcoming Sunday our theme is “Spend Life in Wise Fashion” and focused on a Scripture I’ve puzzled over where Jesus tells the story of a manager who is about to be fired and creates a plan to care for himself post-firing by strategically using his employer’s funds make friends with those who may care for him when he is jobless.  The employer finds out–and commends the sneaky manager.  Then Jesus goes on to call us to be wise with life–like this manager was with money.  It has always seemed like an odd parable.  
     Someday I hope to ask Jesus about it.  In the meantime Jesus still calls us to be wise–to use all at our disposal to focus on the stuff that is truly important.  Relationships, things that make us cry happy tears, gratitude for the gift of life itself, these are the very things that we focus on when we are wise.  These are the very things that protect and shelter our souls in times of worry and struggle.  Sometime today, for a few moments, focus on a beautiful, uplifting moment in your life.  Close your eyes and simply “know in your heart” God was in that moment.  Then ask God to help you remember “these are the moments” life is about.  Ask God to give you power live wisely–staying focused on the important stuff.
Blessings, Pastor Roger