July 25

This morning, when I returned to the church after leading worship at Parkview Terrace and Moorhead Rehab Center, I was pleasantly surprised to see Vacation Bible School preparations underway.  That the preparations were underway wasn’t the surprise.  We’ve many faithful people investing their time for the mission. The pleasant surprise was that the retired adults who are focusing on the crafts were working with two of the youth to set things up.  It warmed my heart to see them working together:  visiting, laughing, building inter-generational relationships.  How many times I’ve heard, “my grand-kids keep me young.”  How many times I’ve heard one of the vital things youth need are older mentors and a support system beyond their peers.  Not all retired adults have grandchildren, or live close to them.  Not all young people get the chance to live near their grandparents, or have grandparents that are still living.  But, imagine a world where family extended beyond blood-relatives.  Imagine a world where people were continually adopting each other in a myriad of ways that blessed, nurtured and uplifted.  One of the purposes of the Church is to create a community where we recognize we are all family as brothers and sisters of Jesus.  “See what kind of love the Father has given to us in that we should be called God’s children, and that is what we are!”  (1 John 3:1a)  We are all God’s children–however many years we’ve lived on this earth.  Still, it’s a privilege to glimpse signs of this truth.

     Where have you seen God creating relationships that are blessing?  Who reminds you that you are a brother or sister of Christ?  When have you been “adopted by” another?
     Today, keep your heart open; perhaps you will feel God’s call to adopt another into your care.

God’s Peace,
Pastor Roger