Weekly Devotional April 4, 2019

          Every day we awake is a new opportunity to be a blessing and show appreciation.  We’ll never know exactly what Mary was thinking when she began to anoint Jesus’ feet with an expensive, fragrant perfume (John 12:3).  We can guess she was expressing appreciation and gratitude.  Sadly, those around her didn’t think much of the gift.  We do know, however, that Jesus appreciated the thought and the gift.  Jesus gave the gift holy significance, and he spoke protectively, “Leave her alone!”  There are many voices in life that try to rob us of gratitude and generosity.  There are things that threaten to rob us of the joy of living.  Truth is, to give one thing is to ignore something else.  That said, Jesus words, “Leave her alone,” are meant to quell the voices and silence the things that would rob us of grateful and generous spirits. Put differently, every gift given with a kind spirit is a good gift in God’s eyes.  Every day lived in love is a good day in God’s eyes.
      You and I have been given today.  So, yes, “go make a difference, touch a heart, encourage a mind, inspire a soul and enjoy your day.”  Don’t let any naysayer take away a single moment of appreciation, generosity or joy out of your life today.  God gave you today so you can be a blessing in your own way.
God’s Peace, Pastor Roger