Weekly Devotional March 21 2019

It seems we’ve happened upon a theme at Grace.  Last night at Lenten worship we explored the history of “Come as You Are.”  You can take a listen at

This next Wednesday we’ll explore the backstory of “I Come to the Garden Alone.”  This Sunday the Gospel of Luke will also lead us to a garden that is part of a parable Jesus’ tells.  Jesus speaks of a garden that is no longer producing.  It’s a garden that the owner is ready to tear up.  But, the gardener is a hope-filled, give-it-another-chance person.  Sometimes it’s not easy to “come to the garden alone, while the dew is still on the roses” because we don’t feel worthy.  That’s especially true after we wrong someone or embarrass ourselves.  Sometimes it’s not easy to believe we can actually “Come as We Are” into God’s presence because we know we haven’t been our best selves.  But, the God who created the quintessential garden of Eden and the garden-planet we call earth, is a hope-filled, give-people-another-chance God.

In the parable Jesus shares from Luke 13:1-9, we glimpse the possibility of receiving second-chances ourselves; in fact, I think the parable invites us to share God’s hopefulness by offering second chances to others.  We are called to create the place where people can be set free of their past and grow to bear fruits of the spirit again.  We have this great opportunity.  We can pray to have the attitude of the one-more-chance gardener–and become part of God’s hopes taking root in people’s lives.

Be sure to take a moment to click on the link above to listen to “Come as You Are” by Crowder.


Have a Blessed Week, Pastor Roger