Weekly Devotional Jan 25 2019

 As I read this upcoming Sunday’s gospel from Luke 4:14-21 many stories went through my mind.  In it Jesus talks about the Spirit of the Lord being upon him to “preach good news,” “proclaim freedom,” “offer liberty” and more.  One of the stories I remembered was a drummer I knew.  Buck was a gifted drummer and had spent part of his life drumming for bands.  But, band life isn’t always conducive to family life.  So, Buck changed gears–but he still drummed on occasion, sometimes at the church I was serving.  Buck also collected drums and he came up with an idea during his time working with special Olympics.  Drumming could be therapeutic and life-giving.  So, he applied for a small grant for drums, sticks and space rental.  He received the grant and began offering an opportunity for young people with special needs–a drumming group.  It started as you’d expect, dozen plus special needs individuals with drums and sticks and minds of their own.  Pandemonium is what I imagine.  But, God worked through Buck’s natural gift of patience, a humble ego with nothing to prove, and love for people exactly as they were.  The result: over a dozen individuals with wonderful smiles on their faces, a newfound ability to work in concert together, making music on the drums.  Every time I saw them perform it touched my heart.  They were proud; they were in time; they were a band; they found they had something they could share that blessed others.  

      Take a few moments to read Luke 4:14-21.  Imagine a time where you’ve seen people freed to be their best selves.  Jesus’ ministry was about creating a world where everyone’s gifts can shine and all hurts be healed.  Sunday, I’ll share another “Jesus brings good news” story that I got a chance to see just this past week.  Plus, we’ll all participate in another such story– as we are part of Lucy Grace Petik’s baptism.  Lucy Grace and her parents were the “holy family” in our Living Nativity this past year.  One of their other daughters played the manger-cow who transformed into a little girl dancing while the congregation “Joy to the World,” that Sunday.  It wasn’t scripted but it was a Holy Spirit moment.  
      God is good and ‘thanks be’ for all the times we get to glimpse the goodness