Weekly Devotional Jan 2 2019

My Christmas practice for many years has been to follow the church calendar–keeping the lights glowing through the twelve days of Christmas until the wise ones reach the manger. This year my manger lights no longer glow. Mary burned out two night ago. The bulb for her in the outdoor nativity ceased to light in the bitter cold. Plus, the blizzard completely covered baby Jesus. I’m not trudging through the cold and snow to fix it. I do know the difference between a plastic Mary and the real meaning of Christmas. So, my routine will be a little different this year.

But, the metaphor of Mary suffering “burn out” speaks. It’s not uncommon after all the varied holiday activities wrap up. After the the company has gone home and the left-overs are gone, after the wrappings are tossed and the radios have ceased playing the sounds of noel and Rudolph, after all our daily routines have flipped and flopped and life nears getting back to normal, it’s common to feel a bit “burned out.”
Sometimes I am in awe of the people who drew near to Jesus–especially the wise ones who left home and journeyed for so long. Life takes more energy when it’s unpredictable. Then again, they wise ones did have a focus and faith. They knew the difference between what was pretend and what was really important. In fact, it was their ability remember their number one priority that energized them and lead them to the manger. It was their faith and focus that gave them the courage to walk through the darkness after their manger moment–escaping Herod and giving Mary, Joseph and Jesus a head start.  
My prayer for all of us — Post-Christmas and into the New Year — is that we’ll be able to keep our focus on the things that give us life and energy. My prayer is that we’ll keep looking to Jesus to guide us — especially when we feel a bit burned out. My prayer is that we’ll remember God is still active in our lives even when they don’t feel like a celebration. This Sunday we’ll ponder a bit more of the story of the wise ones encounter with Jesus in hopes that a bit of their wisdom will become ours.  
In the meantime, if you happen to drive by the church parsonage some evening, Mary and the manger scene will NOT be aglow. I’ve given myself permission to NOT change her light bulb. The manger scene will be dark. Think of it as seeing Mary, Joseph and Jesus escaping to Egypt under the cover of darkness. God’s Blessings, Pastor Roger