Weekly Devotional June 28th 2018

Tuesday, it appeared the focus of Sunday was going to be “Healed and Set Free.” But things happen when a person reads and re-reads Bible passages. Mark 5:21-43 is a healing story interrupted by a healing story. It begins with a girl nearing death, is interrupted by a bleeding woman whose story is so compelling that the dying girl is practically forgotten until she is brought up again. Both stories are about being “healed and set free.” But, I saw something new that seemed very timely for our world today. In a world where so many people and things are in need of healing, this reading from Mark, tells about energy flowing from Jesus. But, wonderful wonder of wonders, there is “Enough Jesus to Go Around. It’s kind of like the five loaves and two fish that fed thousands on the hillside. Jesus always offers more than we can imagine.

Is there a place in your life where it seems your resources and best efforts are too little? Jesus does want the best for us and invites us trust he is also at work in our lives. We are not left alone to get by on our own efforts. Is the someone you are praying for that you wish you could do more for? Jesus invites us to do what we can, maybe even more than we think we can, AND to trust Jesus is also at work in that person’s life. Are you in need of healing? Take a look at the Scripture and be reminded Jesus eventually does bring new life to both the woman and the girl in the story (and those who care for them). It’s an invitation to trust Jesus is still seeking to take us by the hand and set us free to live anew even when it take more time than we’d like. The healing may not always be in the way we expect but it always seems to be what we most need.

There Is Enough Jesus to Go Around.