Weekly Devotional March 11th 2018

Wednesday night at Grace included a discussion about blessing others and meals. It was amazing to hear how people from Grace had been involved in blessing others. One story involved blessing a neighbor with home-cooked food in the midst of the snow storm. (Someone noticed Meals on Wheels had been cancelled for the day and became their neighbor’s keeper). Another involved serving at Dorothy Day and a man there asking for prayers as he was heading into detox. Yet, was about an adult noticing a distraught child in the lunch-line, asking a few questions and then intervening in a bullying situation. Someone else shared of providing a meal in a restaurant for a person whose name she never learned. One of the youth at service shared how grateful he was for the blessing of those “amazing ladies” who provided the wonderful soup each Wednesday and made the evening a highlight of the week for him and his siblings. I was moved by how much God was working through the people gathered. God definitely fed my soul as I listened to the stories.

It was a great reminder of the power of kindness. It was also a powerful reminder of the claim Michael Frost makes in his book “Surprise the World: The Five Habits of Highly Missional People.” He says that if you practice habits such as blessing, people will notice and ask, “Why?” The story of the food delivery in the snow storm involved the recipient becoming teary-eyed and asking, “Why?” “Why would you do this for me?” Michael Frost says that is the perfect time to share some version of–“it’s what God calls me to do because it’s what Jesus would have done.”

It was simply a joy to hear so many stories of people listening to God’s call to bless and feed, to listen and love.

When was the last time you put a smile on another’s face with an act of blessing? When was the last time you fed another physically or spiritually? Let the memory lift your spirit today. Then take a moment to ask God where you might bless someone today.

God’s Peace,